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12 August 2007 @ 12:41 am
Hey guys! You can now find me over at my new LJ, So Small! sosmallxx
05 August 2007 @ 07:07 pm
Thanks to all who replied and said they didn't want to see me leave, you're all very sweet! :) I'll be back under a new username soon (if anyone wants to help me think of a username or would possibly like to administrate an icon and icon tutorial community with me, go ahead and tell me!), with of course icons and icon tutorials, as well as other graphics. But I'm still going to go on a brief hiatus. My grandma's been very, very sick the last week, and was admitted to the emergency room last night for what they're treating as a heart attack. So right now my focus and energy and time will be going into visiting my grandma at the hospital daily until she goes home again, and helping her out any way I can, which includes babysitting her dog. I know I should be keeping myself occupied instead of worrying about my grandma, but guys, she's not doing good at all. Her sodium levels were dangerously low, and her blood pressure's been really low too, so yes I do have a reason to be worrying and concerned. She has never been this sick in her whole life. Just pray my grandma will be ok, and I'll keep everyone posted! :) Thanks again!
01 August 2007 @ 06:23 pm
Been meaning to post these, just been very, very busy! Enjoy! Remember: NO HOTLINKING OR BASHING! :)

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28 July 2007 @ 04:43 pm
This icon tutorial features 1 of my favorite people of all time, Reba McEntire, in 1 of my most favorite episodes of Reba, The Pagaent of the Grandmas. Credit goes to the wonderful beautdisastrfor making me the caps from that episode! In this tutorial, I tried to not only lighten up the pic I used, but I used a texture, and I also tried to make the pic more blue! This is translatable to other versions of PS as well as PSP!

Go from this:  to this:

1. Open up your pic. Resize it to 100x100 pixels after you crop it to the way you like it. This is now your base.
2. Duplicate your base once, set the blend mode to screen and opacity to 100%.
3. Make a new layer. Fill it with this color: 0b0a31 and set this layer to exclusion 100% opacity.
4. Make another new layer. Fill it with this color: dacda0. Set this layer to soft light 100% opacity,
5. Make a new layer. Fill it with this color: ccdaf6. Set this layer to color burn 100% opacity.
6. Remember the blue I was telling you about? This step will make it happen! Make a new levels adjustment layer (Layers+New Adjustment Layer+Levels). In the RGB mode, your input levels will be: 11, 1.03, 232.
In the BLUE mode, these are my settings: 7, 1.11, 232.
7. I also wanted to make Reba's dress more green. So I made a new layer, and filled with this color: d3efdf. Set this layer to color burn 100% opacity.
8. I didn't think my icon looked real bright, so I made a brightness/contrast adjustment layer, and upped my brightness to 13, and contrast to 16.
9. Last but not least, paste this texture:  by heartthepretty onto your icon, adjust it to however you like it, and set the layer to screen 100% opacity.

Done! :)

Other examples:


26 July 2007 @ 12:43 am
People- GET A LIFE! Quit complaining about my icon tutorials being in icon communities. I'll post them in ICON COMMUNITIES BECAUSE THEY ARE ICON TUTORIALS AND I HAVE LOOKED AND DID NOT SEE ANY SPECIFIC RULES SAYING I CAN'T! SO stop your whining and get over it! I can't stand whiners! I can't please everyone! If you keep complaining, I will close this damn journal and delete everything! Is that what you want? You want to see me gone?! You have made me very, very angry and upset and I am very seriously considering closing this journal down. Why bother keeping it up anymore? Nobody's responded to my latest tutorial, which I changed from my usual tutorials as a request. I only made this damn journal so I could have a place to post all of my graphics and tutorials and not have to worry about bandwidth or making layouts or whatever! It seemed like a good idea at the time but now I'm not so sure.
10 Sleepinh Beauty and 10 CInderella icons! No bashing, no hotlinking, no stealing, and textless icons are NOT bases!

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16 July 2007 @ 04:38 pm
Attention Disney icon lovers! Would you like to join a brand new Disney icontest? You can! Head over to Disney Dreaming (http://community.livejournal.com/disney_dreaming) today for more details and to join! :D
15 July 2007 @ 11:22 pm

I really hate to post this (again), but I feel I have to. We need a reminder for those who post in here:

-When I say NO BASHING I absolutely mean NO BASHING! If you don't like something I do, keep it to yourself! I post my icons in icon communities, and will continue to do so unless someone (MODERATOR) tells me otherwise. So keep those smart *** comments to yourself! Obviously people enjoy my tutorials or I wouldn;t be posting them!
-I'm still screening anonymous comments, so be smart, don't be an anonymous poster! I will disable that option permanently!

If anyone has any questions or (non bashing) comments, feel free to speak up!

14 July 2007 @ 10:04 pm
I'm only gonna post this tutorial in a few communities because I saw some people were getting tired of all the cartoon tutorials I do. Which is fine, they don't have to read it if they don't want to, but I don't want another bashing incident. So here we go! This was made in Photoshop CS2, but I did not use selective coloring this time, so it's most definitely translatable! :)

 to this:

1. Open up your pic. Crop it, with your aspect ratio being 1x1, and resize your pic after cropping it to 100x100. This is your base.
2. Duplicate your base once, and set the blend mode to screen, opacity set at 100%.
3. Make a new layer. (Layer+New+Layer or in PS, Layer+New Fill Layer+Solid Color). When that's done, fill your layer with this color: d09f7a. Set your blend mode to multiply and opacity to 69%.
4. Make another new layer. Set this one to color burn 100%, and fill it with this color: acd4f9.
5. Make a levels adjustment layer (Layer+New Adjustment Layer+Levels). Leave your blend mode and opacity where it is. In the RGB mode I used these settings: 0, 1.10, 246.
6. I think my icon needs some enhancing. So I make a hue/saturation adjustment layer (Layer+New Adjustment Layer+ Hue/Saturation). I increased my SATURATION in the MASTER mode to +27.
7. It's coming along, but there's 1 last thing we need to do before we're done! I made a brightness/contrast adjustment layer (Layer+New Adjustment Layer+ Brightness/Contrast). Increase your brightness to 15, and contrast to 25.

Done! :) See that was easy! Add text or brushes if you want to, I left my icon alone!

-No bashing!
-No hotlinking!
-Comments are ♥
-Credit required if using an icon!
-Textless icons are NOT bases!

Other examples:


*Peter Pan screen caps came from fever of fate!
14 July 2007 @ 07:04 pm
As much as I loved my other set. I decided it was time for a change! This new set is made by my good friend Courtney, aka Courtizzle, aka hauntedxx1!